Episode 121

Boats n' Boats n' Boats

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This week, we dig into what the Amazon Prime video game discount means for other retailers, check back in on World of Warships, and then deep dive on Oxenfree, the adventure story game from Night School Studio.

Later in the show, we mention this video from Errant Signal, in which Christopher Franklin realizes a particular game is an affront to everything he does. Errant Signal - The Beginner's Guide

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On the show this week:
Ryan Cramer - Mr. Myogi
Brent Phillips - Admitted after recording that he thought Oxenfree was the sequel to Olli Olli
Adam Lindsley - Hates boats, island adventures, and generally anything to do with water

00:01:00 - Amazon Prime and the death of Gamestop
00:12:50 - World of Warships
00:20:00 - Heroes of the Storm
00:22:00 - Oxenfree
00:31:55 - Oxenfree Spoiler Section

Music Credits:
Main theme by Brent Phillips and the ending theme is Epiphany Fields from the Oxenfree - OST