Episode 1

E3 Fallout and Predictions

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Inaugural episode! We discuss Neptune's Pride 2, Last of Us, State of Decay, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, X-COM iPad, PA:OTRSPOD 4, Gunpoint, Duel of Champions, KOTOR iPad, E3, and more!

Send us your questions and we'll read them on the show! podcast@bigbadaboomgames.com

On the show this week:
Ryan Cramer - programmer, gamer, not progamer
Brent Phillips - jack of all trades, master of one: love
Brandon Jones - co-founder and voice of GameTrailers.com, Han Solo in Star Wars: The Musical, builder of the Wall (one of the 9 Wonders Made by Man)
Rohan Rivas - game-industry media guy, writer, and general fast-food tactician

00:01:14 Neptune's Pride 2
00:07:15 Last of Us
00:18:40 State of Decay
00:28:05 Animal Crossing: New Leaf
00:29:20 XCOM iPad
00:32:24 PA:OTRSPOD 4
00:36:03 Gunpoint
00:47:44 Kotor iPad
00:50:19 E3 Fallout & Predictions

Music Credits:
00:00:00 Intro Music - Brent Phillips
00:49:42 Gunpoint - www.gunpointgame.com