Episode 113

Fallout 4

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This week, we start talking about Fallout 4 and can't stop. We drag ourselves away long enough to mention Crossy Road and StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void, but let's be honest. This is the Fallout4FanCast.

If you need a break from your Fallout journey, check out the StarCraft 2 Blizzcon World Final. You can skip the interstitial bits but watch the matches. They're great!

If you have any question or comments, please email us at podcast@bigbadaboomgames.com and we'll respond to them on the show!

On the show this week:
Ryan Cramer - Constructicon
Brent Phillips - Superior to Super Mutants
Adam Lindsley - Radroach Wrangler

00:01:05 - Crossy Road
00:08:40 - Rocket League
00:10:05 - Fallout 4
00:57:00 - StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void

Music Credits:
Main theme by Brent Phillips and the ending theme is Fallout 4 Main Theme by Inon Zur from the Fallout 4 (Original Game Soundtrack)