Episode 2

Not So Free to Play

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This week we discuss Hotline Miami on the PS Vita, Tower Fall, Last of Us, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the joys of power washing, Mount your Friends, COD:BLOPS2, Neptune's Pride 2, Card Hunter, and Outer Wilds. For our main topic, we dig into Free to Play games and what makes their monetization work.

The Top F2P Monetization Tricks

Send us your questions and we'll read them on the show! podcast@bigbadaboomgames.com

On the show this week:
Ryan Cramer - explorer at heart
Brent Phillips - jack of all trades, master of one: love
Brandon Jones - co-founder and voice of GameTrailers.com, Han Solo in Star Wars: The Musical, builder of the Wall (one of the 9 Wonders Made by Man)
Rohan Rivas - game-industry media guy, writer, and general fast-food tactician

00:01:19 Hotline Miami
00:03:23 Tower Fall
00:05:27 Last of Us
00:09:09 Animal Crossing: New Leaf
00:14:24 Power Washing
00:15:53 Mount Your Friends
00:17:22 COD:BLOPS2
00:20:19 Neptune's Pride 2
00:23:56 Card Hunter
00:27:22 Outer Wilds
00:30:41 No So Free to Play

Music Credits:
00:00:00 Intro Music - Brent Phillips
00:30:03 M.O.O.N. - Hydrogen - Hotline Miami - hotlinemiami.com/