Episode 67

Exosquad Edition

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This week, we touch on a smorgasbord of games, including Evolve, Spacebase DF-9, Hack 'n' Slash, the Talos Principle, and CoD.

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- Designer Notes - Soren Johnson interviews Rob Pardo
- Exponent - Ben Thompson and James Allworth

If you have any question or comments or want to hear what we think about a particular game, please email us at podcast@bigbadaboomgames.com and we'll respond to them on the show!

On the show this week:
Ryan Cramer - Failed to evolve a single time
Brent Phillips - Warfare? Warfighter? Looking forward to Call of Duty Advanced Worf
Adam Lindsley - Leet hacker 'n' slasher

00:01:20 - Evolve (alpha)
00:13:20 - The Talos Principle Public Test
00:24:10 - Spacebase DF-9
00:35:10 - Hack 'n' Slash
00:43:10 - Call of Duty Advanced Warfare
00:54:35 - Blizzcon (Overwatch, Hearthstone, Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm)

Music Credits:
Main theme by Brent Phillips
Closing theme is Discovery from the Spacebase DF-9 Original Soundtrack by Chris Remo

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