Episode 77

Glimpses of the Future

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This week, we play Year Walk and then go through our own visions of the future. It's the 2015 bold predictions show! What consoles succeed? What games are bombs? Half-life 3? Find out, this episode!

If you have any question or comments, please email us at podcast@bigbadaboomgames.com and we'll respond to them on the show!

On the show this week:
Ryan Cramer - River horses and sea horses - not as similar as you'd expect
Brent Phillips - Bodydew, slam a dew
Adam Lindsley - Can't stop aging those dragons

00:01:20 - Year Walk
00:31:35 - Microsoft Windows conference, HoloLens, XBox streaming, and cross-play
00:41:50 - Bold Predictions for 2014
01:26:05 - Shovel Knight

Music Credits:
Main theme by Brent Phillips
Ending theme is Rörliga Bilder by Daniel Olsén from Year Walk

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